What To Do To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Pigeon droppings mark many buildings – and even urban areas are becoming increasingly infested with large amounts of pigeons that create both nuisance and mess that is unsightly, unhygienic, and damaging to buildings and vehicles. The problems created by pigeons are often exacerbated by well-meaning individuals feeding the birds – if you are wondering what to do to get rid of pigeons installing a ‘Don't Feed The Birds' sign should probably be your first step. Pigeons live together in large flocks and like to roost in areas that are flat and even – in order to prevent an infestation it is necessary to alter their chosen living space.

Probably the most efficient and economical method of eliminating a pigeon problem is by having a bird net installed. Bird nets are used to cover the area used for roosting – they are suitable for almost any location including the roof, eaves, light wells, frontages, and canopies. Bird or exclusion, nets are discreet and will not detract from the appearance of the building they are also long lasting – when properly maintained they should last at least ten years before replacement is necessary. Bird nets will make it impossible for the pigeons to land and roost on your building, causing them to look for an alternative living area.

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